Kadak Chai was founded and launched by Shabbir and Tasneem as a first of it's kind product for Chai-addicts in Australia! 

Kadak Chai is the story of these two chai lovers embarking on a journey, travelling back to India in 2014 to perfect the most amazing cup of tea. ☕️

They spent months fine-tuning the instant blend of tea, coming up with flavors, mixing and matching multiple flavor profiles and sourcing from only the best sources to finally reach these ultimate blends of instant tea that Australians have come to love today.

After a test launch and massive success in Dubai, they finally brought their instant tea to Australia in 2016 and have been in business ever since. 🇦🇺

Why Instant Tea and not regular tea?

In a life full of chaos and ups and downs, there's one thing you know will always remind you of home, always taste great and always be easy to make - Our Kadak Chai. 

Instant Tea was the best solution to getting perfection in every cup, a taste of home in every drop and the scent of love in every sniff. 

The best pre-mixed tea where every ingredient is carefully selected and blended in perfect proportion to give you the same great taste every time and the bonus is, it does not even leave any residue! 

We discovered our ultimate blend of tea in India


WE gained massive success on our launch in dubai


we introduced kadak chai to all chai-lovers in australia