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Top Places for Chai in Melbourne

It’s said that having tea is not just a mundane activity, it’s an experience, heightened by the time, place and the company you enjoy it with.

As the craze for an aromatic and warm cup of chai increases while the temperature drops, you might want to know where to grab the best cup of tea. After all, it’s only natural to get bored of the over-processed powders available off the shelf and crave a freshly brewed cup of good old chai. So to help you out, we’ve got a quick list of top places to visit to get your chai fix this winter:

Kadak Chai Australia

When it comes to the best tea in Australia, there's no place like Kadak Chai, described by patrons as the number one chai spot. What really makes Kadak Chai standout is their impeccable service. But hey! If you cant visit them in store in Dandenong, you still enjoy the same great taste right at your home with their pre-mixed instant packets, available in multiple flavors for you to choose from.

Dropout Chaiwala


Dropout chaiwala is another chaiwala in Melbourne, popularly known as the first Chai store in Melbourne providing authentic style of blends in a takeaway range. Their staff is one of the best and their range of pastries, deserts and samosas are to die for!

Agha Juice

If there's one juice place at the heart of every Melbournian, its Agha Juice. This one spot drink shop is known for its freshly pressed juices, delicious icecreams and most importantly, their unbelievable chai.



The heart of Sydney road. Zyka is the talk of the town, with its authentic desi taste and vast menu of offerings. Its not a stretch to say that Zyka is better than most of the desi restaraunts back home. But what makes Zyka's food truly amazing, is that one crep of freshly made tea that is a compulsory order at the end of every meal.


Literally meaning heavenly garden, Chaman's tea is does not dissapoint. Made with premium ingredients and prepared to perfection, Chaman has captured the hearts of all its tea drinkers.


While these are a list for the time you’re able to plan your next day out, don’t miss out on some great teas while you’re home. Enjoy our Kashmiri Tea today for a soothing and wholesome experience!

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