How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Tea

Making the perfect tea can be considered as enriching an experience as actually having it. The entire process, though fairly quick and simple, can also be therapeutic to some people especially when it ends with a soothing and warm cuppa in your hands.

So if you’re looking for a quick, easy and authentic way to make the best tea every time, this might be the palace for you. Read further to know how to make the perfect tea in a few easy steps:

Water’s Always a Good Place to Start

Making most types of teas requires you to consider water to be the most important ingredient second only to the tea of your choice. The quality of water you use can affect the taste of your tea in almost the same way the tea you use would.

Start with a cup of clean water (for a single cup of tea) and bring it to a boil. Boiling water in a kettle can be even easier as they would let you know once the water has boiled. Let the water cool down a bit if the tea you are using requires you to use water that is slightly colder. Move to the other step if colder water is not essential to your tea.

Bring the Tea in the Mix 

With your water at the right temperature, it’s now time to add the tea. There are two broad ways to do it: 

  1. Tea Bag: If you’re using a tea bag then just place it into an empty mug with its thread hanging out.
  2. Loose Tea: If you’re using loose tea, then using 1 teaspoon for a cup can give you the desired results. Some types of teas however, require the teas in varying quantities. You can also read the tea’s packaging to figure out the recommended quantity.

Add the earlier boiled water into the cup. Leave some space in the cup for milk if you wish to add it later in your tea.
Alternatively, you can also add the milk before pouring water into the mug. Some people believe adding milk first affects the taste of the tea. We would, however, recommend you to try both the processes and see what you like.

Let the Tea Steep

Once the water and milk have been added to the cup, it’s time to let the tea steep in the mix. The time you let your tea steep in the cup depends on the type of tea  you are preparing. A recommended duration for a few common types of teas follows below:

  1. About 1 minute for Green Tea

  2. 3-6 minutes for Black Tea

  3. 6-8 minutes for Oolong Tea

  4. 8-12 for most types of herbal teas 

Do not let the tea steep in the cup for an extended time as it can make the tea bitter and ruin the experience. If you like your tea strong, it is recommended to add more tea (or an extra tea bag) instead of letting it steep over the recommended duration. 

And Finally, Serve and Enjoy!

Take the tea bag out of the cup before drinking or strain the loose tea out to prevent it from steeping for a longer time than desired. Now is also the best time to add any sweeteners you might want in your tea.

Now that you have finished the entire process, it’s time to serve and have your relaxing cuppa. Enjoy it with leisure with some snacks, a good book or a show. Even if you choose to not add any of these things, the tea you just made is bound to make you feel satisfied anyways!

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