Benefits of Drinking Tea

Benefits of Drinking Tea

A tradition that has been prevalent for more than two millennia, tea has now become an  essential commodity in the world today. Served in several different styles and during different periods of the day, tea’s popularity runs almost uniformly across the globe. 

It’s no secret that tea has several health benefits. After all, civilisations across the world have been having and prescribing tea to their peers for its numerous health benefits.

Even on a cold, rainy day, a hot cuppa of tea will surely get you up and running in no time! And while you wait for your kettle to heat up, here are a few benefits of drinking tea that may make you cherish you cup even more:

Tea Helps You Lose Weight 

Who doesn’t want a quick fix to lose those few pounds you might have put on while spending the last couple of years tucked inside your home? Well, while Tea (or anything else for that matter) might not be a miracle to help you shed weight in a jiffy, it certainly helps you with the process.

Tea, especially Green Tea contains amino acid, an agent that aids the body in burning its excess fat quicker. Not only that, the caffeine in the green tea can also give you an extra boost that may help you power through your workout. 

Protects Your Heart 

While tea may help you get over a quick cold or flu, it has also proven to help with your heart’s health in several studies! A plethora of recent studies have stated how drinking tea regularly reduces the risk of serious heart diseases like heart attacks or blood clots. This is mainly because of tea’s anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe one’s arteries that are crucial for a healthy heart and body.

Green tea can also help lower your blood cholesterol levels. A study has found out that people drinking about four to five cups of green tea a day can reduce the chance of a heart attack by a staggering 32% while maintaining low levels of cholesterol at the same time.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels 

Drinking tea can also help you control your blood sugar levels and prevent serious ailments like Type-2 diabetes. Black tea specifically, has been found to reduce the blood sugar level if drank regularly after having a meal. It is mainly caused by the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of black tea that curbs the blood sugar level over a period of time.  

Boosts Mental Health

It might come as no surprise that tea also helps your mind relax. We all know the soothing feeling of having a wholesome and warm cup of tea after a stressful day. Even science backs the comfort we crave from our cup!

The anti-oxidant properties of tea mentioned earlier also help your mind de-stress and fight what is known as “oxidative stress”. Green tea has even been known to help prevent diseases that are caused by cognitive decline such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s while also eliminating the stress that is caused by pollution and other factors. 

Had Your Cup of Tea Yet?

If not, then the next time you do, just remember what you hold in your hand is not just a warm cup of tea. It’s also a tradition that is centuries old, a tradition that has also been rightfully regarded as a deterrent to many diseases over the years and continues to help us fight the challenges our lives throw at us.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your kettle, and pour one out, for good health and for a healthy heart with some of the finest range tea available here! 

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