5 Types of Tea That May Help With Your Weight Loss

There are many ways one can try shedding those extra pounds they may have gained over a period of time. One can hit the gym, do yoga, follow a strict diet regime or even take up recreational sports. While it’s true that none of these, or any other activities are a magic bullet to weight loss, there is one thing that can certainly help accelerate the process, and that is, the plain old Tea.

Whether you side with tea or coffee in the age-old Tea vs Coffee debate, you might have to agree that drinking tea has many positive effects that go just beyond making you feel relaxed. It can improve your mental health, protect your heart and even control your blood sugar levels. But the benefit we are highlighting today is how Tea and its different variants, may accelerate your weight loss.

Here’s a look at a few types of tea that may help with your weight loss:

Green Tea

One of the most well-known and used types of tea on the list, Green Tea is highly effective in accelerating weight loss. Packed with antioxidants called “catechins”, Green Tea helps turn body fat into energy that not only helps you lose weight.

The caffeine rich green tea also energises your body that gives you an extra kick right before your workout. Several studies over the years also back the claim that even having a single cup of green tea every morning can help with weight loss by a great deal.

Black Tea

Black Tea gets its flavour and unique characteristics by being oxidised more than its counterparts. The tea is left to oxidise in the open after it has been harvested to provide it with the dryness and distinct and strong flavour. The polyphenol rich black tea may help accelerate weight loss by reducing calorie intake and stimulating fat breakdown. Although, it must also be noted that the weight loss induced by Black Tea is not always uniform as its effects can reduce with time.

Oolong Tea

The caffeine-rich Oolong Tea helps you lose weight in a way similar to Green tea’s. It also contains the “catechin” antioxidants of the green tea while also being rich in caffeine. The traditional tea originating from China accelerates weight loss by increasing one’s metabolism while also providing the tea-drinker with an extra boost of energy like green tea. While a little more research is needed to know more about the effects of Oolong Tea on weight loss, there are substantial proofs to prove its efficiency in the public domain.

White Tea

The delicate and light tasting white tea can also prove to be very helpful in your “pound shedding”. The abundance of anti-inflammatory and fat burning antioxidants make white tea one of the best types of tea to accompany you in your weight loss journey. Studies have found out that the white tea extract does not only accelerate the fat-burning process in humans but also prevents new fat from forming at the same time!

Hibiscus Tea

Part of the herbal-tea family, Hibiscus Tea, as the name suggests is made from the hibiscus plant. Hibiscus tea is often considered to be helpful in treatment of high blood pressure and controlling the blood cholesterol levels. A few recent studies also point out that the hibiscus extract can help accelerate weight loss if used over a long period of time by improving hydration and metabolism.

Being a herbal tea also implies that the hibiscus tea does not contain caffeine so one can have it at any time of the day unlike other types of tea mentioned in the list.

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